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There’s no glossing over the fact that Brexit has thrown up some complications with getting supplies from the UK. The amount of paperwork and increased costs means it’s almost not worth the struggle…but luckily for you, we still believe! And we also believe things will get easier in the months ahead. What this means for new though is this:

New pasties arriving soon.

We‘re hoping that our new pallets of pasties will be arriving sometime this week. That means by next week at the latest we’ll be fully stocked again. 

Current obstacles.

One of the biggest hurdles we face is being able to bring over meat or dairy. There have to be so many additional traces carried out and this involves so much time and cost that it’s impossible to do this for each variety of pasty. Add on to this the cost of a vet’s certificate, then we have to ask ourselves if we’re sane to be continuing!

So which varieties then?

There’s no way we can call ourselves a Cornish pasty shop without having the traditional pasty. Rest assured, the Traditional Cornish Pasties are on their way! Unfortunately that’s it for the meat or dairy at at this stage (my son will hate me as I promised to get him sausage rolls :( ) – but do not panic Mr Mainwaring - we have some other fabulous pasties to choose from. We can offer you a Keralan Cauliflower, Chickpea & Onion Bhaji Pasty, a Butternut Squash, Spinach and Vegan Feta Pasty, a Peppered Steak-Less Pasty and a Spicy Mexican Bean Roll. They‘re all plant-based meaning vegans can be happy but meat-eaters won’t be disappointed either! 

We’re going to deliver!

That‘s right, in the lead up to Christmas we‘re going to pencil in some delivery dates throughout the region - so watch this space!

And for those who live further away in Germany…

We’re currently getting the logistics in place to send you frozen pasties in the post! That’s right: whether you’re living as close as Cologne or further afield in Füssen, we’re hopeful to have this in place early December. 

Thank you

As you’ve guessed, things aren’t easy at the moment. But we’re determined to make this work - and with your continued support, we might just manage it. Thank you 🙏 

Dan and the TP Team

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